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Panther's Gallery

Rose Quartz Petals

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Organically made from fire, with my favorite alchemy of silver with hand picked gems of larimar and Quartz, strategically place into my one of a kind design.  Accented with Swarovski crystals, completed in swirls of gold, forever outlining this piece in its rightful place of time. 


Larimar is a beautiful blue stone that is believed to have many healing properties. It is said to promote relaxation and calmness, reducing stress and anxiety levels. Larimar is also believed to enhance communication and self-expression, allowing individuals to communicate their emotions and thoughts more effectively. It is said to promote spiritual growth and inner wisdom, helping individuals to connect with their higher selves. Additionally, larimar is believed to have physical healing properties, particularly for the throat, neck, and head. It is said to alleviate sore throats, headaches, and neck tension.
Production time: 6 months 

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